2020 Reception Change Request

The Foundation has decided that we WILL hold the reception as planned and provide people with the opportunity to socialize virtually through the magic of the Internet.  We will be creating meeting spaces for people to connect with friends from across the globe. We will also be holding a TRIVIA CONTEST so in addition to meeting with people you can show JUST HOW SMART YOU ARE!  The trivia contest will allow for people to compete in teams or individually and will be conducted completely online. The event will take place on Saturday, June 13, beginning at 8 pm Eastern with the contest occurring at 9:00.  Doors will close at 11ish.  The hope is that this will allow for attendance of the greatest number of people given time zone differences. 

If you already donated and registered for the originally planned (in-person) 2020 AACN Foundation Reception in Washington, DC, please complete the following form to let us know what to do with your donation. Thanks!