Take Me Out to the Ball Game Foundation Event

The Reception/Game/Eating will occur at Nationals Park on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at 7:05 PM.
We tried to have them move the game to the Conference Hotel, but they said, “NO DICE!”

The tickets are included in our own private section with a great view of the game and lots of opportunities for socialization and interaction. As with most modern stadiums, there is ample room to sit, mingle, and interact during the game, plus bars and other entertainment opportunities throughout. The seats and location were chosen to give as much opportunity for socialization as possible. Plus, you can watch the game!

Each ticket to the Reception comes with a seat in our own private section, a $50 voucher for food, and most importantly to you, a donation to the Foundation !

The food voucher can be used for whatever food you would like in the stadium. Current food offerings include Steak Shack, Lobster Shack, La Casita Pupuseria, Haute Dog and Fries, South Capital Sushi, and many more! (See here for a list: Concession Guide).

You ALSO can use the voucher (up to ALL of it) for any DRINKS sold in the stadium that you want, even if those drinks include ALCOHOL! We only request that should you use the voucher solely for alcoholic beverages you consider getting a ride home with friends.

Transportation: The Stadium can easily be reached via an 18-minute trip on the Green Line to the Navy Yard station. The Green line is a short walk from the conference hotel (4-5 blocks) and the station (1-2 blocks). It is also a short (12 minute) trip via cab or Uber. The Foundation will have people available to help with transportation the day of the Reception.

The cost for all of this? All of this is yours for a measly $150 (Student Rate $100) . Keep in mind that an average meal in D.C. runs $50 -$75 at a moderately priced restaurant…and THOSE places don’t have Screech, George, Tom, Abe and Teddy! (Or Foundationman for that matter…)

Tickets will be available through an electronic transfer on your phone or via email.

Ready to join us? Please submit the following registration form. You may add guests at either the standard or student rate if desired.