Application Information

Applications:  Each applicant must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI), limited to one (1) page in length, which briefly outlines the aims, hypotheses and research approach for their submission.  The LOI must be received by February 2, 2024.  The LOI will be reviewed by the Chair of the Grant Committee to determine if the submission is consistent with the aims of the Grant Program.  For those grants determined to be inconsistent with the aims of the program, brief feedback will be provided as to the issue which lead to rejection of the project.  The Chair reserves the right to consult with the full board in instances where uncertainty of the appropriateness of the project exists.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult the aims of the program as described above when considering their project and be specific in their description as to how their project will examine what happens as a result of including neuropsychological assessment in the services provided to patients.

Applications may be downloaded from this site. The grant submission deadline is 11:59 P.M. on April 10, 2024.  Awards will be announced at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology in June with funding for the period of one (1) year.   Members of the AACNF Grants Committee or the AACNF Board of Directors are not eligible to apply for or receive a grant through this program.

Application Scoring and Selection Criteria:  Applications will be reviewed by a panel of three (3) members of the AACNF Grants Committee with each reviewer scoring the application under the criteria.  The Grants Committee has been composed of but is not limited to members of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, the American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology, and the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology.  Criteria will include: relevance of the proposed research to the goals of the grant program; scientific merit of the proposed design; feasibility; and economy (perceived value relative to costs).  Each grant proposal will be scored on a 100-point scale based on the following criteria and funding of grants will proceed for meritorious applications from the best application downward as far as funds permit.

  • Relevance to the Goals of the Grant Program (40 points): Clear demonstration that research targets clinically meaningful outcomes and/or supports evidence-based practice; compelling justification of how the proposed research is important to one or more of the target areas
  • Scientific Merit of the Research Design (40 points): Appropriateness of the research design including subject selection and sample size, well-defined and measurable outcome or process variables, proposed statistical analyses, appreciation of time factors involved in the grant period, etc.  Justification for sample size and proposed statistical analyses through a formal power analysis is recommended where applicable.
  • Feasibility (10 points): Feasibility is scored based on a number of factors including the principal investigator’s experience in the area of study, the availability of resources/subjects to complete the study, and potential to complete the project within the grant period.
  • Economy of project (10 points): Appropriateness of budget to complete the project as well as the opportunity cost relative to other proposals (i.e., potential value of return to relative the dollars invested).

The final application must be submitted via e-mail to the committee chair at by April 10, 2024.  Faxed or mailed submissions will not be accepted unless a waiver is granted by the committee chair (Dr. Brown). Grants submitted by e-mail should be in any version of Microsoft Word or in .rtf format which is available in most word processors.  Dr. Brown may be e-mailed to help any applicant who has difficulty with these options.